I Love fashion illustration…

Igor and Andre put out some fantastic illustration work over at Blogger. Here are just a few of my favorites. I wish they were mine!!

I particularly love this last one…I wonder if any of them will actually eat?  Check out more illustrations from Igor and Andre here.

3 Responses to “I Love fashion illustration…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I love the last one, too! I dig Kaiser Karl. Laugh. He amuses me.


  2. Gorgeous!!! I wish that I had even a smidgen of artistic ability. But no.

    Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year? 😀


  3. Mercedes, I’m thinking about it….perhaps to do a second draft of the one from last NaNoWritMo, or I do have another
    concept that is in a partial outline stage… How about you?
    PS: Though I like the new look of your blog, I do miss that dark, mysterious look that seemed to be, well, you. Just thought I’d share. Love ya. J


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