The Crosby Street Hotel

If  I ever find myself at wit’s end in New York City, of course travel will always get one there, I have to stay at The Crosby Street Hotel to release my artistic vein in travel. This hotel, freshly opened last October, is the design child of the British husband and wife team Tim and Kit Kemp. Interior designer Kit might be described as “Mary Poppins gone Umbrellas of Cherbourg”. She creates an atmosphere of eccentrically severe layers of color and has personally designed every room.  The Kemps are co-owners of London’s Firmdale Hotels. The 11-story Crosby is robust 85,000 square feet and sits back from the curb at a respectable 27 feet.  The front: brick and glass, the upper floors creating great views of the city, but no room is bad in any sense. Stars like Kristen Stewart stay when visiting NY, and last week on the Rachel Zoe Project, the fashion consultant mentioned having to call the Crosby for fashion week. Staying here, means good company.

Read much more about the hotel in link below.

Article Link: Metropolis Magazine


5 Responses to “The Crosby Street Hotel”

  1. It’s gorgeous. Not too keen on all the lights on the wall tho, but otherwise lovely.


  2. OOOH! I am Loving this! very artsy and yet somehow homey. The lobby wasn’t necessarily my taste but the atrium/patio aerea was almost in a hint of fairy fantasy. You think? Of course I will never leave here again. I am trapped forever to this place. I might be able to journey on travels I wish through writing or 12 years from now when my oldest is sixteen and can stay with her then 28 sister or the 24 year old year old sister.


  3. Wow, that is one luxurious looking hotel


  4. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I really like the photos. The place looks great. Hope you get to stay there soon.




  5. yeah my dad will like this


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