Welcome to October…

Aaahhh….the strange and mysterious demands of picking the right mum, the right pumpkin, and if you can stand it, the right scare-crow to decorate the front of your home….

Well, this Wit is bored with all that…and you all  know this is my favorite time of year so I’m setting out on juicy and not-so-nice adventures to find things that creep and scare to share with all my fellow children of the night.

Hope you will enjoy this months posts of esoteric mystery, sacred myths, magical texts and stories of disillusionment and disenchantment.

Welcome all to October….

Black Cat by The White Raven Flies at Deviant ART.

One Response to “Welcome to October…”

  1. Did i ever mention that i like silhouettes.
    Well now i have. lol
    This one is rather cool


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