The End

The End

by TavernerScholar at Deviant Art

Just sharing another piece of unique, creepy art. This one makes me think…love the dream, or nightmare, – like quality.

4 Responses to “The End”

  1. Ooh! This is good! I really like Deviant Art. Always interesting.


  2. namelessneed Says:

    yes, this image caught my too
    in Deviant Art
    what can you say?


  3. I seriously like this picture. I’m writing a CD based on dreams and nightmares and this visual nails what I’d need for a cover. I won’t steal your work, though :/


  4. Ben, perhaps you could contact the artist on Deviant Art and ask to use or purchase the image for you album. An artist would be honored I would think. I know I would. Best.


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