Halloween Jewelry…oohhh…

Bjorg’s 2010 jewelry collection is quite a nightmare….Why not add some creepiness to your style? Inspired by Charles Darwin, these include crab claws, snake skeletons, octopus tentacles and big hunks of raw, unpolished gemstones (chic weaponry?)

Or perhaps your little weary, creeped-out heart would rather these:

Danielle Nicole Hills has some of the darkest designs going….Is that human blood in that ring???

We are chilled…

Link: Frightening Finery: 50+Macabre Jewelry Creations


One Response to “Halloween Jewelry…oohhh…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    They don’t do anything for me. Laugh.

    Hope you had a good weekend, buddy.




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