Never quite understood the whole meaning of the doppelganger thing…so here’s a cool and creepy definition from The Book of Myths and Secrets:

Doppelganger is the German word for one’s “double,” corresponding to the Egyptian ka, or a reflection-soul.  Sometimes the afterbirth was said to be an unformed twin of the newborn baby; by magic it might assume the living twin’s shape and follow him through life.  Sometimes this was thought to be the Doppelganger seen in one’s reflection.

Photography: Doppelganger  by Feinga87



  1. I think I found mine. I was looking at true-crime Web sites, and ran across this photo of a lady who was murdered, and it was eerie as hell. I thought it was a picture of me at first. I bet her parents would have a damn heart-attack if I showed up at their door. It’s that creepy. Even the Moms thinks so.

    Have a great weekend. Love you!


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