Images of Theresa

© Images of Theresa Duncan by Wilbur King III, September 1990 are copyright registered.

These beautiful photographs of Theresa were taken by Wilbur King one day in September, 1990, on the rooftop of the Hotel Washington.  Afterward, they attended a Sam Fuller movie at the Kennedy Center.

Theresa loved to talk at length about French literature, and a little known fact to pass along is that she always celebrated her birthday on Halloween.  I love that….

The first photo is my favorite, but all are so poignant, and mesmerizing.  Theresa’s eyes in the last picture hold a quality I cannot put my finger on….It is quite soul-reaching for me…

I would like to extend a special, heart-felt thanks to Wilbur King III for exclusive permission to use these images and the story provided.


4 Responses to “Images of Theresa”

  1. There is something so dignified about her in these pictures


  2. debbi radford Says:

    Love, Love, Love these photos of her! Thank you for posting them. She could have been a model. She was so beautful with and without make-up. God, this was 20 years ago! Why, why, why…


  3. So glad to hear from you Deb. Hope all is well. Glad you like these photos. It meant
    a lot to me to post them for Mr. King. She was stunning….and so young here….perhaps 25 or so….


  4. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    You always find the greatest stuff on Theresa. I’ve had a computer virus (all clean now!), so I’ve been out of the loop.

    Love you!

    Hi, Debbi! I’ve missed you, too. Hope all is well.



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