Just thought I’d share this…

… lovely comment from my contact page…Thank you,  Eric.



Times are hard.
Where is the beginning and where is the end?

Sometimes i forget about all of this and i end up in my own world again.
It’s an vision of a utopie, but very blurry and surrounded by mist.

Questions are raised and answers reveal themselves.

Where am i?
I am right here, sharing this moment with all of you, outside, inside and in every space between.

Trying to connect myself.

Why do i try? We are already connected. Everything.

I came to your website. I must say that everything i see is very interesting for me. I get lots of inspiration from your world, you’r images and your energy collection everything, bringing it all together.
Times are hard.
I am an young man from Groningen, Netherlands. The government over here try to cut down the money for art and culture.
Our country is very disturbed right now.
But not only our country. The whole world!

As i said, your blog gives me inspiration and strength.
Strength to fight even harder for a free world!

Thanks for being!






One Response to “Just thought I’d share this…”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    How cool…I bet that does something for your inspiration too! And he’s right…your blog has been inspiring many times to me too my friend!



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