Her Fearful Symmetry…

So I finished this book over the weekend with all the rain keeping me tucked in, and after decorating the Christmas tree, which is really bringing the spirit home.

And thankfully it is not the spirit that haunts this book. I didn’t read The Time Traveler’s Wife, and from what I’ve read in reviews of Her Fearful Symmetry, if you’ve read Time Traveler you’ll surely be disappointed with this one.  Since I am new to Niffenegger’s novels, this one was a fine read for me, though strange at times.

We find some unique character building in the chapters, and I sometimes did wonder what was connecting them all, aside from where they lived, but that aside, a guy with an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who incessantly cleans with bleach and won’t leave his apartment, and mirror twins who dress alike and are 21-years-old was enough to keep me going. Though I do find the twins’ lives implausible, except perhaps in a fantasy world unlike our own, I bought into it for the story’s sake and went on.  The ghost who ends up haunting them is at first a delight to get to know, and the author’s take on the afterlife is quite thought provoking, but the spirit in question turns a bit weird and egoistic, and without giving away the story, well, she becomes sort of creepy, which would be right up my alley, if I thought the story was supposed to be really scary, but it wasn’t.  In any case, one would have to read this one to get their own final take on the ending, which I think was appropriate for all involved.  I am left remembering these characters; they are visions in my mind, and somehow I know they will never leave.  This is a compliment to Audrey Niffenegger, which I hope she’d appreciate.


2 Responses to “Her Fearful Symmetry…”

  1. from the way you describe this book, it actually sounds really good! I think I’ll give it a try, even though I already read “he Time Traveler’s Wife”


  2. interesting…i just might have to check this out


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