Remembering Jim Croce

Born January 10, 1943
Jim Croce

The Wit Continuum remembers the great artist, songwriter, singer from the 70s,
the ever-warm in our memory Jim Croce.  I remember as a kid hearing his songs,
over and over again on the radio, my Dad singing Bad, Bad Leroy Brown in the car,
myself memorizing the lyrics to Time in A Bottle. I also remember hearing about
his death in a plane crash and being heart-broken. Some things you never forget.

Here’s to Jim,
Happy Birthday
where ever you are…

Now I’m off to You Tube to listen to Time in A Bottle…just for Jim.


5 Responses to “Remembering Jim Croce”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    I love his songs too – I was in high school when he passed away. I seem to remember he wasn’t truly famous until he died and then his songs were on the radio I remembering that right? The one I remember was cats in the cradle, everyone talked about the theme of that one…he was good.

    Happy Birthday Jim!



  2. Yes,… that is true and I was always mesmorized by the melody of time in a bottle. As an adult I have dedicated it to a man who I loved more than anything and was only able to show him so in stolen moments of time… so I filled up the empty bottle of wine he had bought me with tiny pieces of paper tha had minutes, hours, days listed on them… asking for time with him…this was his birthday gift…So,..thank you Jim Croce for a song inspiring gifts of love….


  3. Another great.
    I have to compliment your taste in music


  4. Cats in the Cradle was a Harry Chapin song, another guy who died tragically too soon, too young.


  5. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I love him, too! Time in a Bottle is not my favorite though. I like Operator better.


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