Wednesday’s snow…

Well, I’d like to say that today’s snow has me down…but instead it has me feeling pretty good, a bit nostalgic in a way, thinking back to the younger days, waiting for school cancellations or delays, and clearing a path down the side-walk because I didn’t want to have to wear boots to school. We got the edge of that coastal thing that crept up the eastern seaboard last night…a good six inches for the Wit today.  It seems that winter is officially here for me…perhaps some of you may think this is crazy if you’ve had more snow than me, but in any case Wednesday is officially a winter snow day.  Here I’d like to share my three favorite cities…with snow….

Love this wonderful shot from New York today via Decoding NYC.

Snow in Venice image found on Italy Heaven.

And this creative image called Snow in Paris via



Any thoughts?

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