We are perhaps living in dream…and from where do our ideas surge….where do they come from….is there some root, some esoteric origin of thought…a genesis?

Idea: “Inner-Goddess,” by definition. Occult tradition said an idea emanated from the female soul of the world, named Shakti, Shekina, Psyche, or Sophia amoung others.  Her “ideas” were sparks, like a personal muse, “which forms she did in the Heavens above the Stars frame to herself.”

Medieval theologians disliked the Idea’s feminine connotations and instead replaced the feminine “idea” with the masculine “concept” which used to mean the same as conception, from Latin concipere semina, a gathering-up of semen.

Early Christian Gnostics regarded God the Creator as a child of a Mother who created all in his mind, gave him all his “ideas” to make his claim in the material world.  He claimed all these ideas to be his own, ignorant of the very source of inspiration and not acknowledging it.  This notion of course was deemed heretical by the orthodox church to which they forced the adherents to change their minds.

This leaves us where?  Still in wonder as to where and idea comes from….but always thankful that this spirit of idea lives in us all…

Image: Sophia by Saiaii at Deviant Art.
Article source: Book of Myths and Secrets

One Response to “Idea”

  1. VERY interesting…will have to read up more on this! between all my class readings that is…LOL! Thanks for this post! Very cool! And great art!



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