Nothing new on Wednesday…except new snow….

Well, I have nothing new today, no new thoughts, no new words, no wisdom to impart. LOL. (As if I’m your source of wisdom?)
But I have new snow, and a bit of ice mixed in from early this morning and my world looks like this.  It’s beautiful.
This Wit officially loves winter!  Plus, no humidity to mess up my hair!

2 Responses to “Nothing new on Wednesday…except new snow….”

  1. A beautiful magical world! Enjoy!



  2. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Okay, I’ve changed my mind. Enough snow for me. My boyfriend dug my street-parked car out last night for me, and this morning a snow plow had re-buried the fucker. Plus, I am just now getting over the damn flu. Enough!

    You can have mine, buddy.

    Love you.


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