Winter Reading: Under the Dome

So it is a long winter for the Wit Continuum, and what better way to pass the long cold dark nights than reading the latest Stephen King book, Under the Dome.  The perfection: this book is 1072 pages long….did I mention it was long? The premise of this story that Mr. King has had in mind since 1976 goes like this: An invisible dome covers a small town and its inhabitants and what happens in the time afterward when this community is cut off literally from the rest of the world. Interesting note: two people can talk  through this clear barrier and hear each other easily, yet it will stop anything from passing through, including 60 mile an hour traveling vehicles.

So far in the beginning what I’ve read is: one woodchuck cut in half, one small plane crash with body parts falling around, one horrifying murder in detail, one 18-wheeler carrying a trailer of tree logs smashing into edge of dome and bursting into flames, one decapitate deer, and one poor woman who bleeds to death in her husband’s arms after losing her right hand…all due to the dropping of this invisible dome over a small town in Maine by forces yet to be revealed…and it may take a long time for said forces to be revealed I think.  In any case, this Wit is totally intrigued so far. Not all the text is mayhem, and the introduction of characters is flawless, as per Stephen King-ism, and as many Constant Readers will attest to.  I give myself three weeks to get this one under the belt. Will update more later. If you’ve read it, let me know what you thought without spoiling the events and ending. Thanks.

Found this interesting web-site dedicated to the book. Check it out if interested. Link

6 Responses to “Winter Reading: Under the Dome”

  1. Hey, I just found your blog, and thought that it was interesting. Seeing as you were reading Stephen King, I have a question. If you have read other books by him, do you find that they all start to sound the same?
    Love to hear from you.


  2. would love to not spoil it for you and give you feedback on it, however the only reading i am going to be doing consists of religious philosophies and biographies and histories which mostly pertain to the christian faith…this is for my degree plan of becoming a professor and having to attend,…oh,..excuse me getting to attend,…a christian college…..if you are ever interseted in didactic reasoning of religious academics vs. secular education, i will refer to you a book,… The Idea Of A Christian College.




  3. I hear that stephen king is one of the best writers of our time.
    I really should read one of his books. lol


  4. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King. I love reading him, but many times he totally ruins the damn book in the last few pages for me. Example: Pet Cemetery.

    Let me know how you like it when you are done with it, okay?

    Love you,



  5. Yes Katie, there does seem to be a format for SK’s books unfortunately, the “King-ism” I refer to here. The epic ones especialy, like this one, The Stand, and a few others, tend to introduce a lot of characters in the beginning, and then the story, with all participating at same time or along a time line. But he brings depth to characters, you can relate to them easily, and inevitably feel for them throughout the story. My favorites that get more with one character’s life focus are: The Shining, Bag of Bones, and Duma Key. I tend to like the ghost story ones.

    Richard, if you want to start reading SK, I’d suggest a short story collection. King is a master of short supernatural/horror fiction. The recent Everything’s Eventual collection is my favorite.

    SB, I agree. I loved Pet Cemetery and its fear of death or loved one dying theme….but it did get a bit crazy at the end. Lisey’s Story did this for me as well.

    RA, Religious philosophies and didactic reasoning may take me while to wrap my head around…I would be at my wit’s end for sure…but I admire your studies and challenges. Best of luck…and happy reading.


  6. debbi radford Says:

    You need to read Full Dark; No Stars by Stephen King. The 5 stories are all excellent in their own way. I was mesmerized by each one and reread parts of each of them when I was done. I have Under the Dome since it came out, but the length was intimidating and I never started it. With this post, you have inspired me to forge ahead. My favorite King novel is The Stand. My least favorite was Tommyknockers; too many characters for me to keep track of, I guess.

    I can read your posts at work, but can’t see the images, nor can I respond. Then I forget! Sorry about that. Hi to SB; whose posts nor comments I can not read at work. Are you guys trying to make a productive member of society out of me?

    Still watching for more Jeremy/Theresa movie info. Nothing much to speak of to date.
    Much love till the next time

    Debbi (gone, but hopefully not forgotten)


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