Red Riding Hood – movie trailer

Catherine Hardwicke’s sexy and violent adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, called Red Riding Hood, hits theaters on March 11, 2011. This Wit will be there, as my love for various fairy tales is known, and the fairy-tale re-told has a special interest for me.  From this Screencrave article I’ve read, it seems that Hardwicke is clinging to her Twilight roots, and this film reflects that (without vampires, of course).  That’s okay with us here at The Wit Continuum.  The original of the Twilight series was by far the best.  Kudos to C.H.

The cast for Red Riding Hood includes Amanda Seyfried (we love her) in the title character role.  Others include Gary Oldman, Lukas Haas, Virginia Madsen, Billy Burke, and Julie Christie as the grandmother.  Mmmmm……


2 Responses to “Red Riding Hood – movie trailer”

  1. yes,…I am wanting to see this one also.. 🙂
    but Saturday,…I am probablt going to go see the new Anthony Hopkins…The Rite…looks so good!


  2. Oh wow, didn’t even know this was coming out till I read this. I really want to see it now to. But as I am in Australia, I will probs come out later here.


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