Inception…finally gets some notice…

My favorite movie of 2010 finally gets some much deserved recognition…

Inception and Social Network Win Writers Guild Awards

Inception won for best original screenplay. The Social Network for adapted screenplay.

Glad that Chris Nolan was very gracious. He mentions however that the award would have meant more if certain other screenplays had been nominated (meaning The King’s Speech?).  Anyway, this Wit is happy for him, and for the well-written movie starring two of my favorite actors: Leonardo DiCaprio and Marion Cotillard.


3 Responses to “Inception…finally gets some notice…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I was too damn dumb to understand everything that was happening in this movie. The effects were great, but some of it went over my head.


  2. This movie was so amazing, it actually required you to think about what was going on. Takes a couple of goes so you don’t miss anything.


  3. So what world did he end up in? Does the top stop spinning? I like to think it does- in good old American movie style- happy ending. It was a fun ride!!


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