Head Strong…an amazing story…

Wanted to share this amazing and inspiring story I read in Vogue last month….

Photographed by Jonathan Becker

A lot of people have said that 2009 must have been a horrific year for me. It certainly changed me. I have short hair. I’m a little lankier now. I no longer have the taste for meat. Or Magnolia cupcakes. Or Twizzlers. And I’ve had four brain operations.

Such a small percentage of people make it through a brain aneurysm (my neurosurgeon told me that 50 percent typically die, and the rest either have permanent brain damage or some sort of deficit. Only 5 percent have an amazing outcome like mine). Everybody wants to know what led up to it. “Did you have bad headaches?” “Blurred vision?” “What were the symptoms?” Nobody really knows anything about the brain until something bad happens to it.



One Response to “Head Strong…an amazing story…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Great article, Jenn. Thanks for sharing it.


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