Green: Not just for St. Patrick’s Day

Found some things associated with the color green:

LOVE:  Green was a symbol of budding love in the Middle Ages.  The Romans associated green with Venus, goddess of love.

SYMBOL OF POISON:  Green dye used to be produced with copper and toxic arsenic.

NAPOLEON BONAPARTE’S favorite color:  His home on St. Helena had green wallpaper, paint and furniture.  He was poisoned by arsenic fumes from the green dye.

ISLAM:  The prophet Mohammed loved green and it became the holy color of Islam.

FERTILITY:  Osiris was a god in ancient Egypt; he was regarded as a source of Earth’s fertility.  Also called “The Great Green.”

CATHOLIC WORSHIP:  In 1570 Pope Pius V declared white, red, purple and green the colors of liturgy;
green symbolized hope.



Shamrock  by Matt Jenny
Atomic Water Bomb Green  by  Redevils
Masque of the Red Death: Green Room  by  Pimpdaddyhetser
Islam  by  Abdelghany
Elements – Earth  by  Cassiopeia Art
Green Like Hope  by  Lilyas

One Response to “Green: Not just for St. Patrick’s Day”

  1. Happy St. Paddy’s Day! =)

    Love, your Irish friend, Lis xo


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