Call for Creative Thinking…

My dear friend Raymon Grace has issued a Global Call for Creative Thinking….

for this evening, March 20, 2011 at 8 p.m. EST. Please think about spending  few

moments doing whatever you do to bring yourself into the spirit of the world.

There are no set parameters to do this. You can pray, meditate, dance, jog, laugh,

write, hug someone…whatever you wish, but think of how you’d like to see the

world globally when you do it.  This focus of many in unison brings a movement

in energy that is astonishing.  Read the Global call link above for more information,

and please consider joining in.  Here are some words by Faye to guide you:

Where ever you are we ask you to join us and feel the energy of wholeness within you. Feel joy, happiness, balance and wholeness, and from that place think about those people, places and things you want to send energy. The best way of creating peace is to be in a place of peace in your heart, so do something that brings joy and peace to you. As you think about it, visualize the earth and those you love, being vibrant, pure, in peace and balance, doing the things they choose to do in joy, with respect for all other beings and things; the air clear, clean and refreshing; the water sparkling as it plays over the rocks, crystal clear and a wonderful environment for fish and plants and people to frolic in and have fun; with each and every person being their most authentic self, taking full responsibility for their own life and having respect for all others. See each being living life to the fullest, being fully aware and conscious, enjoying each moment of our existence here on the earth in harmony with nature and with each other.

Any thoughts?

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