Fascination: Spiral Staircases…

Stuck on the Stair Case

What heavenly portals we enter…

I felt I was climbing up a spiral staircase,
my life circling around, around, upward,
then I found myself on a landing,
stuck on a treadmill that kept me level there,
apart from my progress…

then a light shone from above,
a pale blue heavenly light…and I looked up,
found myself lifting my foot, up, up, to the next step,
up until I could continue the

Julie Harris and Richard Johnson in The Haunting (1963, dir. Robert Wise).

Staircase photos via: Spiral Stairway to Heaven


2 Responses to “Fascination: Spiral Staircases…”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    Great choices on the photos, buddy. Too cool.

    Love you,


    p.s. Hope you guys aren’t getting the snow they have predicted for us tomorrow morning.


  2. […] a path of retreat Up them spiral staircases Past the tree of smoke Past the angel with four faces Begging God for mercy And […]


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