Feeling summer…

…and summer means pale pink…at least for today….

Vera Wang

Sasha Alexander

Charles David

After years of peonies in my back yard…I miss them terribly in June…If you’ve never smelled one, stick your nose in when you get the chance…


Love the vintage look of this Big Chill stove in pink lemonade…

Pale pink makeup…

Pink Hairhide chair, Bamboozled braclets, Stargazer Lily knobs, Crystal pink chandelier, and Bedlam wallpaper. Not sure about the stationery….via Decor 8 blog….

Pink drink looks refreshing…for more pinkness and fashionable-ness
click here…and here

Happy Beginning of Summer from The Wit Continuum…

I know I’m slow on posts of late, been busy…will be more on the
upkeep and the up sweep in mid-June, when summer’s hitting
a full swing and my birthday looms…(remember the 19th people!) …


One Response to “Feeling summer…”

  1. Beautiful post! I really love the Vera Wang dress that starts it off and I love peonies too, white & pink ones!



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