Celebrating the 4th…on the 3rd!

Uncle’s celebration of the 4th of July, the yearly showdown of eating, drinking and perfectly safe, legal, firework extravaganza will be taking place today….and this Wit can’t wait. I’ve been cooking today to for the eventful occasion in which we will not only celebrate this country’s freedom, but also the new found freedom of my dear cousin and all her gorgeousness!

We will not be taking Lorenzo, the deck squirrel, who eats all the bird seeds…

Nor will we be taking the backyard bear…

…but we will be taking this….

…and this…

…along with three Wit teen members in this…

Enjoy this pre-4th Day to everyone out there.
Peace and freedom for all…

©All photos The Wit Continuum

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W220


One Response to “Celebrating the 4th…on the 3rd!”

  1. What terrific pics! Lorenzo (love the name) is so cute, the little thief and you have a bear roaming around your property!!?? Just looking at that beautifully prepared food is making me VERY hungry!! Hope your day is great…have a lot of fun with the fam!!

    Thank God for our freedom & this great country of ours!! Happy 4th!!

    Love Lis xo


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