Poetry…on the frige?

Years ago I bought the Magnetic Poetry Kit, a little box of magnetic words made to be scattered on your refrigerator front to create spontaneous writing for anyone seeking a drink or snack. This week, I found it in my drawer and brought it out. My girls haven’t seen this since they were little and I’d use it to help them form their first sentences. The other day my 15-year-old spent forty-five minutes helping me splatter these things up (and pick up the ones that inevitably fell to the floor in the process) and then stood there for some time finding her own poetic design. I had to laugh. These are moments of enchantment in life. Time goes by too fast…I cherish little moments like this. So here’s what I magnet-ed out for the first day of school yesterday…

And here are some other expressions I found randomly displayed among the words…(not sure when these were done, which makes them even more precious)…

Well, that just about says it all…

I feel so blessed.


2 Responses to “Poetry…on the frige?”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    I agree with the sausage thing, and you ARE blessed indeed.

    Much love,



  2. Haha!! Nice thing with the magnets on the fridge :))


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