Liu Bolin takes art to a new level…

Not too long ago Chinese artist Lui Bolin was featured on ABC evening news…and I his work fascinating. The time alone to set up each piece stuns me.

What confuses me however is who the artist is? Is Bolin the man standing like an invisible man in these pictures, or is he the artist who paints him?

Let me know what you think…


4 Responses to “Liu Bolin takes art to a new level…”

  1. really cool project!!


  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Trippy! I love it… Lis


  3. You are such a facinating contributor….that is my thought. What next? Always of artistic flair, so informative. Hope you are/continue to thrive on what you share. Thank you and G’day from Australia.


  4. Also looked at Lisa’s Image page….loved the ‘I-am-woman’ art. Strength/energy in a gentle way.


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