…a head of steam…

“You build up a head of steam. If you’re four days out of the studio, on the fifth day you really crash in there.  You will kill anybody who disturbs you on that fifth day, when you desperately need it.”

~ Susan Rothenberg

This is sometimes how I feel when I’m on the edge of completing something in writing and I get interrupted…it’s like your mere presence in a room means that you are free for consultation about the stuff in the blue container in the fridge…

image: Studio di testa by Roberto Faiola


2 Responses to “…a head of steam…”

  1. This is reality for me. Very expressive


  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Alas, the mom card has been played and the artist takes a pause. Only way to fix this, is to get out of the house & let the cell go to voice mail – carve out some uninterrupted time for youself.


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