The “familiar spirit”- do you believe?

Further exploration into the belief in angels:

Biblical angels were “sons of God” who came to earth to beget children on mortal women (Genesis 6:4). Later these were called demons, or “fallen” angels. The Book of Enoch blames women for the angels’ fall. Women had “led astray the angels of heaven.”  In the Magic Papyri (a collection of exorcisms, invocations, charms, and spells widely circulated during the early Christian era), the words angel, spirit, god, and demon were interchangeable. When St. Paul said women’s heads must be covered in church “because of the angels” (1 Corinthians 11:10), he meant the daemones supposed to be attracted to women’s hair.  The Greeks thought that each person had an individual guardian angel or daemon which could appear in animal form, and under Christianity evolved into the “familiar spirit.”  There were no really well-defined distinctions between angels, demons, familiars, fairies, elves, saints, genii, ancestral ghosts, or pagan gods.  Among supernatural beings one might always find many hazy areas of overlapping identities, even “good” or “evil” qualities being blurred.

A Gallup poll showed in 1978 that over half of Americans still believe in angels.

Do you believe?

My official 13 days of Halloween will start tomorrow and continue through All Saints Eve. Consider today’s a warm-up post…I promise more haunted, scary, and hopefully fun posts to follow.

Today’s images:
Cemetery Angels by midnightstouch
Angel of Waverly Cemetery via

Source: Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets

One Response to “The “familiar spirit”- do you believe?”

  1. Sarcastic Bastard Says:

    My last lengthy comment got eaten. Goddammit.

    Here we go again.

    I don’t believe in angels, but my dad does. He swears he has an angel who watches over him. He is a good guy, so he may. It could be my grandfather, who died when daddy was 12.

    Angels make the Moms mad for some damn reason. Laugh.

    Sorry I haven’t been around more, but the new CEO is keeping me hopping. He has forced me into marketing. Laugh.

    I hope you are well and enjoying the autumn weather.

    I love you forever,



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