Waiting for…

On the corner
at the end of the sky
there is a spot
where one can guard their silence,
where one can wait
for another to see them.

If you’re not at that corner
at the most bewildered lovely time
it is not so much a passionate pain.
You can wait…
and in waiting for that moment
in the silence
of our celestial hearts

we sometimes find
a blown world, a beautiful eye
the most profound lips
that tell us, yes, they tell us…

this is what you were waiting for.

photo: the corner by mrcool1256


2 Responses to “Waiting for…”

  1. Oh I wish to find that lips that would tell me “this is what I’ve been waiting for. “


  2. Something like finding the love of your life. You can only wait and when it finds you…you are more than blessed. Very nice


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