Why I’m a Book Lover Considering a Kindle…

Okay, okay! I know, I know! … an avid fan of the printed page, the smell of a new book, the smell of an old book, supporting ancient classic publication, the easy access to any page, anytime…all those valid reasons to swear devotion to the printed word. A real book is a treasure, and I even sport that badge on this blog – that stack of books over there in the sidebar which upon clicking declares my promise, vow, whatever to read, and only to read, the printed word. (I’ll have to take that down if my thought goes thru…). In any case, here is why I’m seriously thinking about going with an e-book reader, particularly the Amazon Kindle.

First off, the bugger is on $79 bucks right now! Seriously. And my mum’s offered to gift it for me for Christmas, reading fan that she is (She loves our local book swap store! and fears technology, yet she thinks I’d like this…and honestly, I do).  I looked up all the free books I can download…classics…for FREE! Like Anna Karenina, a tomb of a book at 862  pages that even a paper-back version isn’t easy to handle comfortably or carry around easily. And speaking of huge books, how about Gone With The Wind? 1,048 pages of classic fiction that is not easy to throw into your purse and pull out while you’re waiting at the dentist’s office. (I once had, and I stress HAD, a first edition copy, which is a whole other post on why you lend books to no one – family members, friends, priests – no one!) Now I can download GWTW on the Kindle for $9.99 and read it in it’s nearly weightless existence.  The Kindle can also be linked up to free library book lending using your local library card or now Amazon offers a one book a month free lend, which you can read with an option to purchase at the end.

So, with all that, and seeing it featured on the internet, and in the Best Buy and Staples flyers every weekend for weeks now, I ventured over to my local Staples and checked out this progressive disruption into my book-only-lover-life.

The Amazon Kindle via Tecca

It was smaller than I thought – which was nice I must say. It’s about as thick as an 80 page note-book and only about 7 inched long.  Roughly, it’s about the size of a paperback novel, but sleeker, smoother and so light in my hand. The screen is not shiny, which means glare-free reading anywhere, even in sunlight, and when it boasts to read like it book, I have to admit the pages do look like regular paper pages. Ads say you can bookmark and highlight text also. I haven’t done that, but I’ll take their word.

This little e-reader is nothing like reading on a computer. I can take it anywhere (not like my computer) and literally sit in my favorite chair by the fireplace (pun intended because it’s true!) and read. With a month-long battery life before it needs charging I think I’ll be okay.

I was told by the kind Staples employee that it holds 14oo books. OMG! Not 400, but 1400!  (The other more pricey Kindles hold 3500). I was impressed too that I can easily slip this into my purse and have it on hand anytime – and for me there are so many times when that I wish I had brought my book with me – like at the doctor’s office waiting room, waiting for kids at school events, boring dinner parties…;)

So, for me, the promise, vow, declaration, whatever it was, to read only the printed word is in dire jeopardy. The progress of technology has me in it’s clutches…Is the printed word on its way out? Is this the future for readers world-wide? Will we save trees?

I’ll still love, love, love my books. I’ll still buy and borrow the printed pages. I will still haunt the library book sale for a treasured tomb or two.  I’ll be anticipating this little baby at Christmas, and in the mean time will be lining up all those free books I plan to download…and ask for Amazon gift cards for Christmas from everyone else!

What’s you preference – real books or e-readers or a combo of both?
Or, if you have a Kindle, how do you like it? Let me know.


8 Responses to “Why I’m a Book Lover Considering a Kindle…”

  1. Hello, the Wit Continuum. I am almost ashamed to admit I have not yet bought a Kindle even though my novels are now eBook only. I have been holding back waiting for the new Kindle Fire colour tablet. I begin to see I cannot resist much longer and your experience suggests I can’t reasonable put it off much longer.
    Your blog is very beautiful, however if I might offer one small criticism – the pale pink text is difficult to read on this background.
    I will be back to explore more.
    Regards davidrory.


  2. I love my Kindle! I read more now than ever and that’s saying something because I was a huge reader before. The fact that I can have pretty much any book I want at the press of a button is amazing. You don’t have to leave the house to get what you want! Need a new read but it’s crappy outside? Just grab your Kindle and DL! That said, I still buy actual books and I don’t think I’ll ever stop. I like having my books out for people to see and like you said, there’s something about holding and smelling an actual book.


  3. Thanks David, I was tooling around changing themes I think when you read the post. Hope it’s back to normal readability now. And thanks for the comment on Kindle.


  4. I will not buy a kindle. Why? Because I can download books on my phone and laptop (and I do)
    Why would I want another still another device, when I have two already.
    The kindle program for phones, pc and apple are free.


  5. 3by3, Yes, maybe another device seems lame to you, but my phone is way too small to comfortably read on, and, as I mentioned, a computer laptop
    is still too cumbersome to cozy up with in a chair. Thanks for the comment though, appreciate your opinion.


  6. I’m having the same dilemma. I LOVE the feel of the page, just holding a book in my hand (as opposed to looking at a screen), and the smell of an old book. I promised myself never to give into technology when it came to books. However, my collection of books is getting to be rather ridiculous; there are so many more books I want to own, but I just don’t have the room. Also, I think having a kindle would be awesome for traveling purposes. Usually I carry around 3 or 4 books around in a small backpack that only alotts for the same number of OUTFITS, so this could be great. You’re right, there is no glare, and friends have told me you can highlight and make notes. I wish you wouldn’t have told me you can get some classics for FREE! I might sell out…


  7. Cristina, With all your traveling I would think a Kindle would be perfect. Light and easy to carry! You’d have to be able to re-charge it however. Thanks for the comments!


  8. Nice blog! Thank you for sharing!


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