Black Dress XIX

I may go overboard with this one…I love, love, love this dress and I’ve become an absolute fan of this girl without seeing the movie…yet…Rooney Mara at The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo premier wore this stunning sheer dress by Prabal Gurung.  She has become for me the ultimate Girl in the Black Dress. I have to include a few more shots of this dress…

Body perfection…

No runway comparison for me…I think Rooney rocks it way better and her shoe choice is to die for…

Can’t get by without showing the other star…always looking cool…

One last shot.

Photo source: Splash

4 Responses to “Black Dress XIX”

  1. Stylish and bold at the same time, Daniel Craig had a huge smile on the inside for sure 😉


  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    The return of the little black dress feature…and Oh I know you luh-ove those shoes don’t you. =)


  3. The dress Rooney Mara wore to the Golden Globes the other night was fantastic, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! I wasn’t really too familiar with Mara but she looked incredible, simple and elegant…unlike Madonna.


  4. I agree! Rooney looked fantastic the other night, and they didn’t show her nearly enough in my opinion. But Madonna, of course, was displayed frequently. Thanks for the comment.


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