My Eclectic Self

So, if you are a follower of this peculiar “Wit” you may have noticed that my eclectic self has yet again been making changes in theme with this blog in the past week (Friday afternoon I tried 3 different changes – if you witnessed this I’m deeply sorry) and I claim complete sanity…but admit to being peculiar. I simply like to freshen up the place now and then, never let go static, bring on the unexpected…but I had a hard time feeling comfortable happy satisfied exquisitely pleased with that last dark theme – called Piano Black I think – which wasn’t really me…or something…so….I’m back to Chateau even though half the Word Press blogging world seems to use it.  Something about its creative and artsy look, with a dark background of course, makes my eclectic self…exquisitely pleased!

If you, my dear readers and viewers, ever take the time to go into the whole Wit Continuum site (I realize it sometimes takes a few minutes moments to upload – who could possibly wait that long?) about ten of my latest post are up, but then as one scrolls down the subsequent posts are my blog from day one – September 9, 2008. For me it is a fascinating ride to see where I came from – and maybe admit that I was a bit of a better blogger then – maybe – but you may be curious as well. I know there are a lot of posts about Theresa Duncan (enough said), but nestled between my neurotically obsessive posts about this deceased writer are some precious gems.

Like “The Secret Life of Plants“, which some of you have found and clicked the “Like” button – thank you so much! Warms my heart. I’m proud of that little piece of writing. I was really into paranormal thoughts, still am, though I don’t seem to be writing in that vein of late. Another little wonder is a post called “The Italics Were Hers,” a piece about Russian writer Nina Berberova, who was a fascinating wit herself. Her auto-biography is called “The Italics Are Mine”, thus the title.  This post received some new Likes as well. In any case, if you, my dear, dear viewers, care to wander, I thank you in advance.

So as this “Wit” traverses the 2012 blogging life, I hope to continue with some unique and witty finds, touch upon some para-normal eccentricities, breath-taking poetics, great photography and art, some re-blogs of posts I love, and perhaps write some short fiction pieces for the blog also. (Hope this doesn’t scare some of you off).  All in all a continuation of my eclectic and versatile spirit, using – for now – the theme that I am in love with.

Thanks for reading.

Click image for photographer’s portfolio.


One Response to “My Eclectic Self”

  1. I think that it all looks exquisitely beautiful!! Love to you, Linda


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