Oscar Fashion Picks!

Okay, if you’re alive and breathing and in touch with your tv set you knew that the super bowl of car races, The Daytona 500, was postponed yesterday due to rain, rain and more rain (Gee, just when I thought Florida was perfect..?…) and, last I heard, the start is set for 7 p.m. tonight EST…

…and you also knew that the super bowl of movie award shows, The Academy Awards, aired last night (no rain delay). The show wasn’t bad, I watched most of it, but took my one hour break to get The Walking Dead in…now that says something, huh? From glamour to dead people…anyway, I mainly watch the Oscars to get a glimpse of the stunning gowns on the red carpet. This year was no exception to the beautiful and ultra rich set of Hollywood. I have to say, however, the most precious and hysterical moment was when Sacha Baron Cohen, dressed as his latest character, The Dictator, dumped a can of ashes (jokingly those of Kim Jong-Il) all over Ryan Seacrest’s gorgeous Burberry tux, right down to his shoes. Seacrest held his perfect metro-sexual self in complete composure, but one could see on his face the stunned look, the “if I wasn’t on TV right now I’d cream this guy, even if I broke a nail doing it” look on his preciously handsome face. Watch video here:

On to my fashion picks:

Jessica Chastain in this stunning Alexander McQueen black gown with gold beading and embroidered detailing. Stunning with her skin and red hair. This picture does not do it justice.

My second pick for best:

Cameron Diaz in Gucci Premier. Gown color + Hair color = Perfection.

My other favorite:

Penelope Cruz in this exquisite blue Giorgio Armani organza gown…flowed like water across the carpet…

My worst dressed nods:

Missi Pyle in what looks like something off the rack from Deb’s. The top doesn’t even fit. What was she thinking? Was there a mirror in her room?


Melissa Leo in a black and beige sparkly sac with a sash. Is she that old?

And my two for the Wit’s official “Eh” look:

Rooney Mara…okay, I’ve fallen out of fascination with her: she went from signature black to “eh” white, or ivory, or whatever. I say, Dead Girl Walking. (thought this was still the Walking Dead episode)

(Sherri Shepherd in who cares?)
Stop laughing people!

But I have to give Brian Grazer, one of the Oscar producers, the Best Hair nod:

And for the “I’m scared of your toothpick arms and legs and you need to gain 10 pounds” award, my pick is:

Angelina Jolie

Maybe she needs 20 pounds. The gown was stunning however. Basically, she always looks good, she can’t help it. I heard she only weighs 95 pounds. Brad must like sleeping with a bag of bones.

So that’s my Oscar (/non-Race) Sunday review. More here from the red carpet.

Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “Oscar Fashion Picks!”

  1. I’m surprised about all the comments about Angelina’s weight.. Its hard to make out a body underneath the shower curtain of velvet weighing her down.


  2. Jessica Chastain was stunning. Think her dress takes the cake.


  3. Great reviews. I agree about Jessica’s dress, it is amazing. Also, any dress with the droopy arm band just makes the person look droopy.


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