Hey, maybe we have our own Academy! I’d like to thank Linda Willows of Heart Winds once again for sending me a lovely award: the Awesome Blog Content award!

I accept this award on behalf of the entire Wit Continuum staff (me) and I thank God for being there all the time, with inspiration, my agent Miss Non-existent, my producers Longing and Waiting, the writers and editors, Fingers and Brain Cells, for the endless hours of work….okay, oh, and my husband and family for whatever they do that interrupts me all the time from blogging….

(I wanted to do a really, really long speech here to bore the hell out of all of you, like they do during the Oscars…imagine intro music playing now, shutting me up and getting me off the stage so the next award can be presented)

Thank you so much My Story to You for giving me this award, though I think I’m hardly full of sunshine all the time, I’m inspired to make it so! The parameters for this award include answering a few short interview questions and presenting it to 10 other blogs. So here it goes:

Favorite colors: Cobalt Blue, black, chartreuse
Favorite animal: Cheetah
Favorite number: 8
Favorite Non-alcoholic beverage: Coke
Facebook or Twitter? Twitter
My Passion: Reading, writing, art and fashion
Prefer giving or receiving gifts: Both
Favorite pattern: Spirals
Favorite Day of the Week: Thursday
Favorite Flower: Peony

I’ve chosen my latest Followers for this award!

Beautiful Life and Style
Mirth and Motivation
Destinee Marie Photography
Joanna K. Neilson
Moths to a Flame
Madison Woods
Writing Your Destiny
Mimo Khair’s Blog
Oregon College of Art and Craft Library

They all bring sunshine to my blogging world! Thank You!



Any thoughts?

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