Hate the way my blog looks…

So I pressed some link in comments the other day, Saturday, and suddenly my screen blew up to this enormous size.  I feel like someone who has to read large print books…no offense to large print book readers, but this has totally ruined my dashboard and when I go to my blog sight it’s enormous across the whole screen. It wasn’t this way before.(Other blogs by the way show up normal, so it is only this one, and perhaps for my computer only, so WTF?)

Please help. I’ve tried the support forums but can’t get the info I need to change it back. I’m a B- computer geek, as I’ve said, and I have a feeling I can simply adjust something to make it better but I don’t know what.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


3 Responses to “Hate the way my blog looks…”

  1. While I’m not going to be very helpful technically, sometimes screaming at it helps some.

    This is a curious situation if it’s only happening on one blog and not another. Wish I knew how to help.


  2. Thanks Zen for understanding. Yeah, I screamed a bit…but you know computers, they just sit there and look at you like you’re the crazy one! I think mine giggled and gave me the finger, in it’s own computer-ish way…anyway I think I sort of solved it. Went into View at top and Zoomed out a bit. Took things down to normal size. Could it have been that simple?


  3. Sounds like our computers have been laughing behind our backs. Every once in a while mine gets a wild circuit and has a field day with my sanity.

    Supposedly computers were supposed to make our lives so much simpler. Hmmmmmmmmm……..some days I’m not so sure.


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