Postcards from Rotterdam

poem by Carolyn Kizer


Came such a long way
To find you–
Over an ocean!
Now only a channel
Separates us.
It is enough.

We are divided by water.
I shed one tear.


Waited for your letter
Until I lost interest.
Then it arrived,
Full of protestations.

Ah no, friend, you woo us with words
Just once.
Then you must lay your body
On the line,
And it isn’t here.


I thought
When the moon was full again
I would be in your arms.

But I’m not.

I’m in somebody else’s arms.
We don’t even glance
At the moon.


Having wonderful time
Coming in from the town.

Having wonderful time
Contemplating the bidet.

Having wonderful time
With the shutters drawn.

Having wonderful time
Converting silver into dross.

Having wonderful time walking around
With a five-pound key in my purse

And a plastic flask full of Holland gin.
I shed one tear.

Wish you were here.
Love, ……….. Carolyn.

Images via Deviant Art


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