More bicycles….? Tell me if I’m going crazy…

Can you believe this? I love it! Came across it this morning. Seriously, if I’m going crazy let me know. Does this ever happen to you? You read a story, or write a post, or focus on a subject and then the universe just seems to inundate you with a plethora of more of the subject? I have to say, it’s freaking me out a bit. But, just a bit. Smile

These images found at Iris Interiors.

And then I found this just now…

Could have saved this one for vintage photo of the week…Over at Facebook I came across Public Bikes on someone’s page…

Alfred Hitchcock riding a bike in Cannes. Is that a left turn signal?

Does this mean anything?

Expect more bicycle posts my dear readers. Hope you like them.
(or this Wit just may be at her wit’s end)


4 Responses to “More bicycles….? Tell me if I’m going crazy…”

  1. Hmmmm……reCYCLE the biCYCLE? (buh dum bum)


  2. have you seen the Hermes bicycle? I’m in love.


  3. Yeah…lots of coffee does weird things to my mind.


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