Kristen Stewart and The Real Snow White

My favorite pic of the girl, which has been online about a thousand years…or from when they started filming the epic fairy tale remake, Snow White and the Huntsman perhaps… Can’t wait to see the movie…and getting a lot of hits on my post:

The Real Snow White

Hope you Like!


3 Responses to “Kristen Stewart and The Real Snow White”

  1. Me too, I can’t wait to see the movie and I’m going to watch it later after office hours. 🙂


  2. Finally saw this movie yesterday! Two thumbs up for never a dull moment, Kristen Stewart finally kicking some ass while still being nice about it, the gorgeous Huntsman who, in the opinion of my teen department, wore way too much clothing, and some pretty cooool and mysterious fairy tale creatures. Charlize Theron is perfectly beautiful and equally scary as the wicked Queen. Can’t wait to buy it on DVD.


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