This was nice to find this weekend. The very beautiful Jensinewall has given me this very inspiring award and what can I say but thank you.

A few bits about me as of June 18.2012 :

1. I love getting awards. Seriously, just when I’m thinking I might be wasting too much time here and should maybe abandon the Wit ship, someone wonderful tells me that I inspire them and then, well,…you know the rest…Who hasn’t thought about quitting too?

2. Tomorrow’s my birthday. Though I won’t reveal my age, and all you know not to ask a woman her age, I can say that I certainly don’t feel my age, that people are all the time shocked when I tell them how old I am. I feel like I’m 26 years old. (God, how I wish I was 26!) If you’re 26 and you feel like you’re getting old come over here and I’ll slap you right out of it!

3. I’m a writer. I’m working on revising my novel. I have countless short stories in files on paper and in my computer. I’ve lost count. For some reason they are all unpublished…I wonder why….

4. I dream all the time about living in Italy, or Paris or on some incredible island with white sand and blue water that never ends. I’ll write in Italy and Paris, and send plenty of Instagram pics out there to Twitter, etc.  I won’t bother to write in the sand.

5. I love old books, typewriters, cameras, cars, and vintage photography.

6. I’m writing from my dining room table right now, because I’m sick of my computer desk in my room without a door.

7. I think I’ll go slice up an apple to snack on…and when I’m done here I’ll be working on that revision.

Here are my Very Inspiring Blogger Award nominees:

Robin Coyle 

I’m so happy to have found you Robin. You’re a brilliant writer and very inspiring. The bookshop and vintage typewriter posts are my favorites.

Gorgeous photography from David Hall at A Monkeyhanger’s Motley Medley – Seriously, you’re here almost every day, clicking that like button. Don’t you have anything better to do?;)

Theodora Black at People, Places and Bling!  Take me to France with you!!! Please!

More great photography here at A Hectic World of Art.  I think I see you more on Instagram now baby!

Russel Ray Photos Great photos, but your music on Mondays has me feeling quite witty!

Settle and Chase – Cath, your work just stuns me!

Jump for Joy! Photo Project…. You have me jumping for joy!  The beauty of the human spirit shines here.


Thank you to all my followers for keeping me inspired. I wish, truly, that I had to time to shout out to all of you!!

xo, Wit




10 Responses to “Monday…”

  1. yeah 🙂 and enjoy the apple


  2. biggestsmile Says:

    So I guess I should tell the truth about something. I’ve been reading this blog for a while and never posted a comment. I am one of those 26 year old that feel old because I just turned 26 on June 10th. My exact thoughts on my bday were….”I feel so old now!” that’s hilarious that u said that! Don’t quit, I love reading what u have to say


  3. Well thank you so much! You can call me “a brilliant writer” any time you’d like. Wow. That gave me a little zing!

    Watch for today’s posts with beautiful and intriguing libraries.


  4. Congrats!! 🙂


  5. Wow, Thank you so much! I am very flattered and happy you find my blog inspiring 🙂 I will do my best to keep it that way. Have a great day!


  6. settleandchase Says:

    Hey thanks so much for the award and the kind words, I’m really so glad that you’ve been enjoying my work, it has made me smile! 🙂


  7. Bravo! Congratulations!! The “Very Inspiring Award” is well-deserved. I’ve been enjoying your photographs and leads. I’m happy to see Robin Coyle’s name. I loved the typewriter post. Enjoy the day! Bon Anniversaire!! Theadora (And thank you!!)


  8. Yeah! Yahoo! and Congratulations! Not to mention and heartfelt thank you for the nomination!


  9. Congrats!


  10. Thank you so much! I better get working on all of these babies. Including blogging in general!

    I think you caught me with my recent Instagramming addiction that especially took off while I was in Chicago. 😛

    Lastly, congratulations on receiving the award as well, of course!!!


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