Vintage Photo of the Week

Hey, it’s summer baby…well, officially it is tomorrow…

not sure what it is with this vintage magazine clipping…

looks a wee bit off with the girl standing with her arm out like it’s resting on something…anyway click image for Etsy link which explains nothing.

Happy Summer.

5 Responses to “Vintage Photo of the Week”

  1. oh wow! that’s the mermaid here at Stanley park! 🙂


  2. ah the little mermaid and her posse …a nd if you are looking at arms the one in the very back (right) is missing one


  3. Wow, what is it with this pic? Thought it was just me. Seriously Andy, you know the statue? Beginning to think this one was Photoshopped in some way…Why is it for sale on Etsy?


  4. I’m the fourth model from the left.


  5. monicaali Says:

    The statue is the little mermaid-its located in Copenhagen at a place called Langelinie-at a harbour. For some weird reason it´s a huge tourist attraction & her head has been cut off and been stolen. A couple of years ago Denmark lend her to China.


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