What he’s doing now…

What was I thinking?

(Surely Rob could have had other girls to date to begin with…right?)

Rupert Sander ecarte de la realisation du prochain blanche neige?



  1. Jensine, I believe you’re right about her. I read the June Elle mag article interview of Kristen. She comes off with numerous f-words, even calling Rob her “fucking boyfriend” as in “my fucking boyfriend would love this” (excuse my bluntness). I find it unnecessary to be this way, especially in interviews. To me she’s always been awkward and strange, and not so talented. She also appears to be very unappreciative of all the hype she gets (and money, no doubt) by saying that everything has just come so easy for her. Perhaps she should relish in this time in her life. But with the fresh “easy” choices she’s making now, I think her years of popularity are numbered. Rob, however, will have a long, long career I think, with awards ahead of him. Heard he moved out yesterday! Good for him!


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