Lovers…by the river…

Love had swept me clean
and filled me with poetic silence.

I tried to repeat your strength,
I tried to whisper it still.

I stood strong in the un-poetic wind
and sought only, simply, to remember
those things.

Your arms, the river, the light
a raging smile…
and the kiss.

It echoes through me still
even you so far away, so far away…

Today the sky was so blue
and the clouds a deep utterance,
a swiftness of light.

And yet, I saw you there, like the
old man saw you there
by the river…waiting.

I fell.

And you caught me.


2 Responses to “Lovers…by the river…”

  1. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Did you write this? It’s wonderful. Love the pairing of the photograph too.


  2. To Lisa, yes and thank you.


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