The Beauty of Pride and Prejudice…

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I I cannot begin to explain my infatuation with this movie… from the simplicity of reading a book out of doors while walking, to the misunderstandings of attraction, to the fashionable and less fashionable sides of love, the humor… the heartbreak and longing… it has possessed me body and soul…

2 Responses to “The Beauty of Pride and Prejudice…”

  1. While I love Pride and Prejudice, I found this particular movie lacking. Take a look at my book-to-movie-adaptions post for Pride and Prejudice and share your thoughts 🙂


  2. I may not be a true Austen-ian as you are I’m afraid to admit. Sorry, I haven’t seen the other movies to compare, but I did love this one. I loved the edgy-ness the director decided to bring to it, the arguing, and the rumpled hair. I loved Matt’s eyes and the way he moved his hands with nervousness when the Darcy character encountered Elizabeth. When he smiled, finally, my heart melted. the movie as a whole put a unique spin on a divine classic story.


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