The High Priestess…

Which Tarot card are you?


Like electricity, magickal energy is pure potential. It does nothing on its own but, when channeled through an intention, it can make miracles happen.
You are unlimited possibility. Between pillars of light and darkness, you abide in the dynamic equilibrium, waiting to be set into motion.

Fascinating and strange secrets of the tarot:


La Papessa in the Visconti-Sfonza Tarot is believed to be a depiction of Sister Manfreda, a nun who was elected Pope be a heretical sect of Lombard. Gertrude Mackley writes:

“Their leader, Guglielma of Bohemia, had died in Milan in 1281. The most enthusiastic of her followers believed that she was the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, sent to inaugurate the new age of the Spirit prophesied by Joachim of Flora. They believed that Guglielma would return to earth on the Feast of Pentecost in the year 1300, and that the male dominated Papacy would then pass away, yielding to a line of female Popes. In preparation for this event they elected Sister Manfreda the first of the Popesses, and several wealthy families of Lombardy provided at great cost the sacred vessels they expected her to use when she said Mass in Rome at the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Naturally, the Inquisition exterminated this new sect, and the “Popess” was burned at the stake in the autumn of 1300. Later the Inquisition proceeded against Matteo Visconti, the first Duke of Milan, for his very slight connections with the sect.”


Crowned in a papal tiara she is labeled La Papesse, the Popess, a possible reference to the legend of Pope Joan who disguised herself as a man to be elected Pope. Supposedly she was discovered because she gave birth.

Source: which tarot card are you quiz and Wikipedia


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