Remembering Theresa…

theresa 2

Happy Birthday Tracy… wherever you are…

Theresa Duncan Oct. 26, 1966 ~ July 10, 2007

theresa 1

She’s the original Wit of the Staircase, the inspiration for my blog way back when, and lover of Halloween, a love we share…

theresa 3

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.”
~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

All images from Mary Duncan’s blog Memories of Theresa


2 Responses to “Remembering Theresa…”

  1. chasing through
    the apple orchard
    and yet
    in the dark night
    it’s snowing on
    the flowers
    while fruit gum
    from climbing trees
    and falling and running
    sticks on our hands
    and even thighs,
    or was it the pine tar?
    or some sticky else?

    for this sort
    of thing
    hogging two seasons
    whenever pleases…

    I remember you
    or smeared with paint
    in crowns
    in purple robes
    running under
    white on white…
    (doing something)

    the entire collection
    still waits in
    its entirety
    to be unearthed
    all at once
    all over
    in split screen manner
    by strangers
    oh so unsuspecting…

    –Wit of the Staircase


  2. Thank you. Love this poem…


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