Creepy Women of Halloween…

creepy women of halloween

Ioana Constantinescu, known as Ioana the Bloodthirster, Autumn, 1909, Tinisoara, Romania. Cause of death: suicide by purposely injesting large quantities of her own blood.

creepy women of halloween 2

The antique Fortune Teller….I remember when I was a kid, slipping a dime into one of these machines on the pier in Atlantic City. Her arm would move, and her head would tilt, a strange creepy voice would say something incomprehensible, then a slip of paper would pop out with your “fortune” on it. Enjoy today…for you will be dead tomorrow…

creepy women of halloween 3Creepy yet beautiful art by Acidlullaby…. Too Late for Redemption…

Happy Halloween!!



Any thoughts?

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