The essence of…

What I love about Gustav Klimt’s Art is this essence of…something sad, or forgotten, what is not there at all…even in a kiss there is a hold, a longing, a seeking to keep what longs to be gone… and golden tears…

Update: Image features The Kiss by Gustav Klimt, one of my favorite paintings, and Freya’s Tears by Anne Marie Zilberman, who is clearly inspiring!

2 Responses to “The essence of…”

  1. This doesn’t matter to a lot of people, but Klimt didn’t paint that “golden tears” work. It gets uploaded as one of his works, but it’s titled “Freya’s Tears” and was done by a modern French artist, Anne Marie Zilberman. I’m not trying to be a know-it-all! Also, your tumblr page is wonderful. It took me about twelve seconds to find out I need to see Sophie Barthes’ “Madame Bovary”!


  2. B., Thank you for the compliment on my Tumblr page and also for the info on Freya’s Tears. I wasn’t sure it was Klimt, but I love it of course. Peace…


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