Are you prepared?…

the-zombie-survival-guideIn case the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse happens soon, it’s time to read up. Max Brooks has the perfect guide…

3_days_survival_kitPick up the survival kit and have it handy. It doesn’t include weapons, so visit Walmart asap…

walking deadBinge watch The Walking Dead episodes starting with episode one, season one, so that you’ll know what to do when zombie hell breaks loose. If possible, when it happens, find one of these guys and never leave him!

Also in preparation, you must have your Zombie Apocalypse theme song. To discover it, go to your mp3 player, ipod or whatever, and hit shuffle on your song files list. Scroll to the third song and hit play… This is mine…


Good luck… 😉


4 Responses to “Are you prepared?…”

  1. I am very prepared! 📖😍

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  2. Lisa Chapman Says:

    Just Push Play, by Aerosmith. 🎶 You’re so not surprised are you my friend…? lol

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  3. I am not surprised at all L! A true Joe Perry girl…and a cool song to stay alive with…

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  4. Great Holly! Bring your crossbow! I’ll bring some canned pudding!;)


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