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Back on the table…

Posted in Television with tags , , , , , , on November 20, 2017 by Mj Rains

Spent this Sunday afternoon finishing Season 3 of Hannibal on Amazon video. Feeling delicious and satisfied…

”Meat’s back on the table.”

Hoping for a Season 4…please.

Image: Hugh Dancy (Will Graham)


See rightly

Posted in The Deep with tags , , , , , , , , on November 9, 2017 by Mj Rains

It is only with the heart

that one can see rightly;

what is essential

is invisible to the eye.

>Antoine de Saint-Exupery

You Sweep the Floor

Posted in Rumi with tags , , , , , , , , on November 3, 2017 by Mj Rains

The lord of beauty enters the soul
as a man walks into an orchard
in Spring.
Come into me
that way again!
Light the lamp
in the eye of Joseph. Cure Jacob’s
sadness. Though you never left,
come and sit down here and ask,
“Why are you so confused?”

Like a fresh idea in an artist’s mind,
you fashion things before they come into being.

You sweep the floor like the man
who keeps the doorway.
When you brush
a form clean, it becomes
what it truly is.

~from, You Sweep the Floor, by Rumi

Image: Hugh Dancy

Les Fleurs du mal

Posted in Poetry at large with tags , , , , , , , , on October 30, 2017 by Mj Rains

les fleurs du mal

Posthumous Remorse

    Ah, when thou shalt slumber, my darkling love,
Beneath a black marble-made statuette,
And when thou’lt have nought for thy house or alcove,
But a cavernous den and a damp oubliette.

When the tomb-stone, oppressing thy timorous breast,
And thy hips drooping sweetly with listless decay,
The pulse and desires of mine heart shall arrest,
And thy feet from pursuing their adventurous way,

Then the grave, that dark friend of my limitless dreams
(For the grave ever readeth the poet aright),
Amid those long nights, which no slumber redeems”?

‘Twill query “What use to thee, incomplete spright
That thou ne’er hast unfathomed the tears of the dead?”
Then the worms will gnaw deep at thy body like Dread.

~The Flowers of Evil, Les Fleurs du mal, by Charles Baudelaire

(…If rape or arson, poison or the knife
Has wove no pleasing patterns in the stuff
Of this drab canvas we accept as life–
It is because we are not bold enough.
~Beaudelaire, To the Reader)

Image: Dark fleur by The Wit Continuum


Jon Snow will not be proud…

Posted in Television with tags , , , , , , , , on October 29, 2017 by Mj Rains

WARNING: SPOILERS IN THIS POST. Season 7 – 8 Game of Thrones

What can I say? I’m a little disappointed. Though I will wait with high anticipation for the final season of Game of Thrones, and though I enjoyed this past season, mostly, I am disappointed that the writers (George R.R. Martin included) went this way with our two main characters. Not only did they make Jon Snow, one of the best written self-less heroes ever written, a Targaryen, the also wrote a love scene for him in which he innocently fucks a close relative. The whole idea of bringing Daenerys and Jon together seems like giving in to the sixteen year old fan base who love Kit Harington (and want to see him naked) and Emilia Clarke and wanted to see them hook up. We are deeper than this, true fans of the story and show. Though their coupling will cause inevitable friction in season 8, and extra extra drama (which I for one do not need), it will in some ways make the decisions of our hero change in profound ways. Our hero is Jon, and don’t for second think it is Daenerys.

Which brings me to my second disappointment: The hero who does nothing for himself but only things to save those around him, who never asks for position, or property or a crown, yet gets it because he simply does “the right thing,” Jon Snow, is written as a Targaryen. He’s been a bastard born guy who never knew his true parentage. If you look into the history of all the families in the Game of Thrones books and series, the Targaryens are far from pleasurable to know. They were power hungry, ruthless people, who interbred with each other in incestuous relationships to keep their blood lines pure, who blew away with their fiery dragon’s breath towns, cities and anyone who stood in their way to achieve their ultimate power. It’s no wonder in the books and series they were destroyed long ago, for bad karma breeds a result, and they got theirs, yet here we are, fair fans of Game of Thrones, rooting for two of them, though it is true, Jon and Daenerys are not as fucked up as their ancestors.

And to add one more fucked up thing, that we are supposed to “love” :  So Jon will eventually find out that he’s a Stark through his mother, Lyanna Stark, Ned’s sister who died after giving birth to  him, and he will learn that his dad is Daenerys’s brother, Rhaegar Targaryen. We will be told that they were in love, how sweet, and that he was born of that love. Cut me a break. Rhaegar was no “sweetheart” and did what all his ancestors seemed to do, which is take whatever they want, whenever they want because they can. Jon’s “wonderful” dad was married and had two children at the time he met Jon’s mother (in Season 4, Prince Oberon tells the unhappy story of his sister, who was married to Rhaegar). Rhaegar ditches his wife and kids, gets an annulment, and secretly marries Lyanna. Are we supposed to admire that? Knowing Jon’s character, which we love, and I’m sure the writers won’t even mention this, Jon Snow will not be proud of his real father.

Nor will he be thrilled at the prospect that he is the rightful King of Westeros. Dany is going to have small fits of displeasure (and might be pregnant as well) and this little unnecessary soap opera will be our side-line, while the long night comes…and the dead with it. Somehow, it all disappoints me. Just a bit.

What do you, my fellow fans of Game of Thrones, think?

Image: Game of Thrones Season 7

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