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Astrid’s Arms

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astridphotosSo I just have to start saying, that I love her name, Astrid Kirchherr.  After seeing Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon yesterday it got me thinking about The Beatles, like I never stop, since, you know, all those Rock Band Beatles ads have been hitting and whenever I look at book shelf I see The Beatles bio by Bob Spitz and the Beatles Unseen Archives, a nice coffee table book I picked up last year at B&N.  But thinking of the Beatles leads me to thinking about the band’s women, and I thought of Astrid. Every photo I’ve seen of her, all in black, turtlenecks, cool beatnik hats, leather pants, and a camera in hand.

          Astrid Kirchherr is the German photographer and artist known for her association with The Beatles and her photographs of them while they were on one of their first tours in Hamburg.  At the time, she was the other half of the hip beatnik couple with Stuart Sutcliffe, who was a member of The Beatles in those early days, and best friend of John Lennon.  Sutcliffe later gave up the band to explore his talent as a painter.  Unfortunately he died tragically in Astrid’s arms from a cerebral hemmorage at the young age of 21. 

Astrid went on to be one of the photographers for A Hard Day’s Night.

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