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A Symbol of Peace…

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paris peace sign Jean Jullien

“…when I put my brush on paper, this was the first thing that came.” ~ Jean Jullien

Meet the man behind the Eiffel Tower Peace Sign and how love, art and inspiration go hand in hand…


Link: Slate Magazine

Ryan Lochte Love…

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So rooting for Ryan Lochte this week…

What he’s doing now…

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What was I thinking?

(Surely Rob could have had other girls to date to begin with…right?)

Rupert Sander ecarte de la realisation du prochain blanche neige?

Happy New Year to All!

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A Kiss to you all as we bring in a fresh year, a new start, a clear surface to make muddy with all our inspiring work!

Happy New Year

from The Wit Continuum

[click image for artist]

Penn State Blue Out

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Tomorrow’s college football day will feature a Penn State Blue-Out. Everyone will wear blue tee-shirts or ribbons in support of the rights of children who were sexually abused.  The basic white, famously generic, helmets of the players may, and I stress may, feature the ribbon logo from what I’ve heard today.

Tonight, the student body will have a candle-light vigil to support abused children. All this comes after the media frenzy over the sexual abuse allegations by a retired assistant coach this past week that are haunting this otherwise great university. If you haven’t heard about this by now, you’ve no doubt been very busy under your rock under a mountain somewhere…the world news has even displayed it on the grandest of scales. Hope their rating were good, I say sarcastically. Just Google it and you’ll see.

I’ve always been a college football fan. Being the only child, and only daughter of a football crazed dad, I’ve been brought up loving football.  And, being a PA native, Penn State has always been a household fave. I am deeply saddened to hear about the atrocious crimes and the scars it is causing, which will last a long time to this fine university, and more so, for a life-time to the victims involved. Did the university officials turn a blind eye? Was there actually a cover-up? Why? The “why?” is my biggest question. Why not do the right thing?

There are a lot of unanswered questions out there. And I have no doubt some will never get answered. We can only hope and pray that something like this never, ever happens again to anyone…anywhere.

My heart goes out to all the children involved. I will light a candle tonight from my home in support of them, and in support of the student body of Penn State University who are trying to stand up of their school and become honored graduates of it in name and works. A few men and their poor decisions should not cast shame on the innocent, meaning the majority of staff and student body who cannot help that they knew nothing. I will wear my blue tomorrow as I watch the game from my home and I will fashion some blue ribbons, as a reminder to all the victims.

I will pray for them always.

I believe our powers of intention and prayer can make changes in this world. I sincerely hope the Penn State Blue Out will be a stepping stone to set things right.

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