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A little Hitch…

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Alfred Hitchcock…
…because he was amazing and this photo proves it…

Movie Melancholia…without spoilers…’cause that would suck…

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Melancholia-R1melancholia 2melancholia-3Had to watch this film twice…once to get over the crying, and again to take in all the visually stunning and fascinating leitmotifs along with music to haunt one’s soul. ┬áNot a film for everyone, of course. Kirsten Dunst’s deeply moving portrayal of depression can leave you feeling, well, a bit depressed, yet surreal, as you delve into the psyche of the character, Justine. Charlotte Gainsbourg is brilliant as the ever-helpful sister, Claire, and possibly the character to relate to in her passion to save her family, to know the truth, and to do what we would all ultimately do: panic a bit when you know you are about to die…

Melancholia 2011

Written and directed by Lars von Trier.



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Gone Girl….without spoilers…cause that would suck…

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“We’re so cute I want to punch us in the face.” – Amy, Gone Girl

One of the films lighter moment contained this line. Not much “cute” for the rest. A must see if you: like Ben Affleck, which I do, like a mystery, if you like shocking turn of events (oh God, he’s screwed!), if you like sex, did I mention sex?, if you like a bit of gore (Game of Thrones prepared me for the bloody scene, no problemo), if you like being slammed against the wall and the word “cunt.” Twice. I won’t be able to watch Pride and Prejudice again without wonder at Rosamund Pike’s Jane, so sweet…who knew?

Rated R. Long, not for the weary.
Would I watch it again? Maybe.


Hurrell shoots Clark Gable and Joan Crawford

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Old Hollywood was something to behold…


Annex - Crawford, Joan (Dancing Lady)_01S

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